The Swan Inn

The Swan Inn, Swan lane, Little Chart, Ashford, Kent, TN27 0QB
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Homemade Soup of the Day Served with crusty bread £7.50
Whitebait Served on a bed of salad with Tartare sauce and lemon £7.95
Stack of Vegetable spring rolls Served with a spicy dip £7.95
King Prawns Gently fried in garlic butter £9.95
Country Pate Served with toasted crusty bread and plum chutney £7.50
Spinach and Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent Served with a cream sauce £7.95
Prawn, Tuna and Crab Served with Salsa Rosa on a bed of salad and crusty bread £7.95
Steak mushroom &Ale Pie Deep filled pie served with Creamy Mash, Seasonal Vegetables and thick gravy £13.95
Chicken, Mushroom and Leek pie Deep filled pie served with Creamy mash and seasonal vegetables with a thick chicken gravy £13.95
Lambs liver and braised onions Served with creamed potatoes and seasonal vegetables and a rich gravy £14.95
Steak and Kidney pudding Served with creamed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and rich gravy. £14.95
Roast belly of pork with crackling Served with creamed potatoes seasonal vegetables and apple sauce. £15.95
Grilled leg of lamb chops Served with new potatoes, seasonal vegetables and minted gravy. £17.95
Fillet Steak With a Port, cream and Portobello Mushroom Sauce Served with Saute potato or creamy Chive infused Mash and seasonal vegetables £23.95
Please be prepared to wait a little longer for these special dishes to be prepared by our chef.
Swan Mixed Grill Sirloin steak, Pork Fillet, Sausage, Chicken Breast and Gammon cooked to your choice and served with Triple Cooked Chips or Jacket Potato, Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Side Salad or Vegetables £18.95
Horseshoe of Gammon Full horseshoe of locally produced Gammon served with Pineapple rings or Fried Eggs and garden peas £15.95
Rump Steak £12.95
Sirloin Steak £17.95
Fillet Steak £21.95
T Bone Steak £20.95
Our steaks are locally sourced, cooked to your choice and served with Triple Cooked Chips,Jacket Potato or Creamy Mash infused with Chives onion rings mushrooms and grilled tomato,side salad or vegetables in season
Full Rack of pork ribs prepared by our chef Served with Triple cooked chips and a side salad with coleslaw £17.95
Large Ale Battered Cod Served With Triple Cooked Chips And Peas £12.95
Poached salmon With Scallops, Hollandaise sauce, and buttered baby new potatoes served on a bed of mixed leaves £16.95
Swan Special Fish Pie Succulent Prawns, Cod and Salmon in a Rich Parsley Butter Sauce, Topped With Creamy Cheese Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetables £13.95
Breaded Jumbo Scampi Served with Triple Cooked Chips Peas & Tartare Sauce and a Wedge of Fresh Lemon £13.95
Classic Quarter Pound Homemade Beef Burger In a Brioche Bun served with Triple cooked Chips and a Side Salad £10.95
Chicken Fillet in a Light Crisp Batter Served with Mayonnaise in a Brioche Bun, served with Triple cooked Chips and Side Salad £10.95
Fish Shop Burger Fresh Cod in Batter served with homemade Tartare sauce in a Brioche bun with Triple Cooked Chips £10.95
The Swan Stack Two Succulent quarter pound Beef Burgers with Smoked Back bacon, Egg, Portobello Mushroom, fried onion and grilled chicken breast served in a Brioche Bun with Side Salad and Triple Cooked Chips £15.95
Lasagne al Forno Home made Deep Lasagne served with Crisp side Salad,Triple cooked chips and side Salad £12.95
Spaghetti Bolognese A rich Beef and tomato Bolognese served on a bed of freshly prepared spaghetti with parmesan cheese and crusty garlic bread £12.95
PIZZA 12inch Marguerita topped with fresh mozzarella and tomato base on a thin crispy base with a side of triple cooked chips £12.95
Build Your Own Pizza Take a Margherita as your base and add other toppings for 75p each. Choose from: Pepperoni, Sweetcorn, Meatballs, Peppers, Mushrooms, Onion, Extra Mozzarella, Chorizo
Portion of triple cooked chips £2.75
Portion of cheesy chips £3.00
Portion of onion Rings £2.75
Side salad £2.75
Mushroom sauce £2.95
Pepper sauce £2.95
Sharing salad £3.95
Crusty Bread £1.75
Breaded Mushrooms £2.95
Potato skins £2.99
Chefs Salad A true salad/fish delight! A large bowl of Prawns, Crab and Tuna served on a bed of crisp iceberg then covered in Salsa Rosa, Garnished with King Prawns and Fresh Lemon delicately adorning the dish. Fresh lemon and crusty bread complete this delightful salad. £15.95
Warm Steak Strip Salad Tender Strips of Sirloin steak cooked to your choice and served on a warm bed of seasonal leaves and accompanied by Crusty Garlic Bread £12.95
Chicken Tikka Skewers Served with a green salad and chips accompanied by garlic bread £12.95
Homemade Warm Quiche Home made deep Quiche served warm with fresh salad and Triple cooked chips or Jacket potato £12.95
Any salad you require can be created feel free to ask
All Served with a Side Salad and Potato Crisps
Steak, Onion & Mushroom in a fresh Baguette £7.95
Roast Pork with Stuffing in a Fresh Baguette £7.95
Carvery Ham & Pickle on Crusty Bread £6.95
Tuna & Mayo with Red Onion on Crusty Bread £6.50
Roast Beef with Horseradish Sauce on Crusty Bread £7.95
Mature Cheddar with Pickle on Crusty Bread £6.95
BLT served with crispy lettuce and Mayonnaise on Crusty Bread £6.95
Chicken Tikka served in Warm Pitta Bread with Salad & Mayonnaise £7.95
Crispy Battered Cod Fish Fingers served in Crusty Bread With Tartare Sauce £7.95
Portion of Triple Cooked Chips £2.75
All the above can be served on Wholemeal, White or Baguettes
Fish Fingers, Chips & beans
Sausage & Chips
Margherita Pizza
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chicken Nuggets & Chips
Jacket Potato with Various Fillings
Beef Burger & Chips
All Meals Include A Small Drink
Swan Cygnet Desserts Available - Please ask the Waitress.
Seafood Cocktail
Country Pate
Soup of the Day
Roast Topside of Beef
Roast Leg Of Lamb
Roast Turkey Crown
Roast Pork Loin With Crackling
All Of The Above served with Roast Potatoes, Unlimited Fresh Vegetables, Home made Yorkshire Puddings, Thick Rich Gravy and Sauces to suit
Please ask to see our Ever changing Fabulous Dessert Menu!!!
You will not be Disappointed with our Talented Chefs Offerings!!!
Serving Pizza 75p Extra Toppings £11.95
Fish & Chips £13.95
Pie&Chips £12.95
Lunch Carvery Ham,Scotch Egg,Mature Cheddar Cheese,Country Pate,Pork Pie,Selection Of Pickles,Side Salad, Crusty Roll and Butter £14.95
Burgers With Onions
Jumbo Sausage Hot Dogs
Spicy Pork Ribs
Triple Cooked Chips
Coleslaw and Salad
Come and join us in the beautiful gardens next to the church